Our Curriculum

Our curriculum combines martial arts technique with a strength and conditioning program to emphasize the sport and art of Thai Boxing. Our specialized classes, designed after training camps in Thailand, provide students with an authentic Muay Thai experience that focuses on quality instruction, Thai-style pad holding, bag work, and fighter’s awareness. Every class is taught by more than one instructor, providing more individualized instruction. We offer extensive clinch work and technical sparring sessions in each class. For students interested in competing, we provide comprehensive fight training while teaching sportsmanship and the necessary skills to excel in the ring.



In this class we work on the fundamentals of Muay Thai: form, technique and stance. This class allows beginners to develop their foundations in Muay Thai and provides advanced students the ability to perfect their basics. This class will focus on glove drills, pad work and correct form.


This class focuses on more advanced skill work. Students work on hitting pads, heavy bag work, technical sparring and clinching. Students are able to optimize their training, improve their athleticism and perfect their technique. This class is meant to begin preparing students for the ring.


Strength and conditioning is critical for Muay Thai and helps to improve skills and technique. Students get the training that they need to reach their fitness goals and improve their conditioning so that they can compete in the ring. This class combines exercises that build strength, condition students' bodies for competition and improves their aerobic and anaerobic ability.